Lap dog

Lap dog
Lap dog Lap dog Lap dog Lap dog Lap dog Lap dog
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This tray provides comfort, storage and a safe place to keep your work in progress

* The Lapdog tray, has 72 different compartments and apertures, which are suitable for holding, storing and working with all sorts of craft equipment, tools and materials. Thre are 15 storage compartments in a variety of sizes, 32 round apertures in 4 different sizes, and 3 vertical card holder slots

* The A4 turquoise work board, has a removable A5 dense foam pad for the reverse side. That pad sits in an A5 frame which will hold cards, paper, or a sketch book, & is surrounded by 20 shallow compartments which will retain your beads & findings or paint.

* The A4 self-heal cutting mat is grid marked in centimetres on one side, and inches on the other

  Both the work board and the cutting mat lift out easily due to a cleverly placed notched to the side of them.  They can stand on one of the longer aperatures to function as a pattern easel

* Lapdog sits on a comfortable permanently attached corduroy cushion, which is lightly filled with beads, so that it moulds to your lap. The amount of filling means you can adjust the angle of the work surface a little.  

* You also get 2 removable storage pots, with lids and a Small foam pad for rectangular side compartment 

* The transparent cover will protect your work while Lapdog is not in use - either overnight, or while just having a break. It is tall enough to leave most craft tools, crayons & pens, etc. in place, and your “work in progress” safe and clean until you want to carry on.

* Ideas for use leaflet

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